Different Types Of Grapefruits

There are different types of grapefruits. Grapefruits are the type of fruit you can not miss when making your shopping list; it has a singular taste and tons of health benefits.

There are over 10 different types of grapefruits, and here you can learn all about them and much more about this particular and wholesome fruit.
Getting your grapefruit knowledge down will allow you to get the best type of grapefruit to suit your needs.

This tropical tree which has a somewhat bitter taste, is a must in numerous recipes. Widely regarded for its juice and dessert recipes, grapefruits can also give a unique taste to savory dishes. Think about grapefruits as the middle ground between oranges and lemons; these offer that signature zing and slightly bitter notes that go perfectly in numerous sweet and savory recipes.
So, get your grapefruit ABC’s game strong and learn about the different types of grapefruits.

13 Different Types Of Grapefruits

It’s easy to mix up an orange with a grapefruit; both their skin is typically a bright orange color. However, cutting open a grapefruit is a whole different story because its flesh comes in white, red, or pink.
Though we find at least 13 different types, most grapefruits are the same texture, and most have no seeds. Check out the different types below.

Flame Grapefruit

types of grapefruits

It’s known for its dark pink flesh. This grapefruit is very juicy and sweet and has no seeds, and you easily find it from November until May. You can store them for several months and enjoy them even if they aren’t in season.

Lavender Gem Grapefruit

Also called pink tangelo or plain tangelo, this grapefruit is a blend between a grapefruit and tangelo. It is small in size, and when you cut it open, it has pinkish-blue flesh. It has nearly no seeds and a mild flavor. Thanks to their yellow or pink blush skin, these are easy to identify. It is ideal for drinks, juicing, and a bowl of fruit salad.

Duncan Grapefruit

Types of Grapefruits

This type of grapefruit is one of the oldest types and was created in Florida. This is a popular type of grapefruit due to its fantastic flavor as it is considered the sweetest type and is widely popular for its juice.

Having a glass of Duncan grapefruit juice will refresh your summers and make a healthy part of your diet.

Marsh Seedless Grapefruit

Types of Grapefruits

Also known as the white marsh grapefruit, this type has the appearance of big lemon, and it is yellow both on the outside and the inside.
The marsh seedless grapefruit comes in other varieties, such as the pink marks and white marsh. These vary in comparison to their sweet and acidic levels.

Oro Blanco Grapefruit

Types of Grapefruits

This type of grapefruit is a mixture of pomelo and grapefruit. It is known for its yellow and sturdy skin; it has nearly zero seeds and is very luscious and sweet. It refers to its name as it is pure gold (Oro in Spanish) and very delectable. When you taste it, there won’t be any acidic or bitterness.

Melogold Grapefruit

This is another hybrid resulting from pomelo and grapefruit. The melogold originated in California and is a favorite of those who prefer a juicy type of fruit. It tastes just like a juicy orange with just a touch of grapefruit blended in.


Types of Grapefruits

Pomelo, or Chinese grapefruit, is the mother of all the other grapefruit blends originating. These are large and have a green or yellow peel. Pomelos have a mild taste and a bitter pith and are often used in salads.

Star Ruby Grapefruit

Types of Grapefruits

Star ruby grapefruit can’t be missed; it presents yellow skin, and when cut open, it has an intense red and pink inside. This type of grapefruit is both sour and sweet.

Pink Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit is described by many as one of the most delicious types of grapefruits. People often eat the flesh by themselves or use it to make natural, fresh juice. It balances sweet and sour and is often compared to red and white grapefruit.

Red Grapefruit

Types of Grapefruits

As you may imagine, red grapefruit has a deep red flesh. It receives its color from lycopene, a beneficial antioxidant. The red grapefruit is perhaps the most bitter of all types of grapefruit.

Thompson Grapefruit

Types of Grapefruits

This type of grapefruit has been around for years; it is one of the senior types and is a variation of the marsh seedless aka, the pink marsh grapefruit; these both taste very similar, but the Thompson type doesn’t have any seeds. It is found mostly in Florida and Texas.
Its tree can grow up to be 25 feet tall, and the fruit can stay on the tree for months.

Sweeties Grapefruit

This is a blend between a grapefruit and a pomelo. Don’t be fooled by the green peel and pale inside; sweeties grapefruit has a fantastic sweet flavor. Duh!

White Grapefruit

Types of Grapefruits

If you go for sour and sweet flavors, then white grapefruit is just right for you. White grapefruit shouldn’t be your choice if you like sweet flavor; it is not like it has a bad flavor either. It has yellow skin and has a great aroma, and goes well to add to juices and drinks.

Which Types of Grapefruits Do You Want to Try?

Not convinced to try a grapefruit yet? How about we tell you that grapefruits have excellent benefits for our health!

This amazing fruit has the power to keep you hydrated, support heart health and immune system, control cholesterol and stress levels and even help you in your goal of losing weight. Every bit of the fruit contains great benefits, from the juice to the flesh to even the pith.

Believe it or not, though it tastes very bitter, the pith is rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. In fact, that soft white part you always toss into the trash can help you control sugar levels and prevent colorectal cancer.

Who Should We Thank For Bringing Us Grapefruits?

Believe it or not, the grapefruit came to be the result of an error. According to the books, Barbados’ farmers accidentally bred a pomelo and an orange. It received its name after another farmer in Jamaica compared its taste with a grape and called it grapefruit back in the 1800s.

How To Keep Any Types of Grapefruits Fresh?

Types of Grapefruits

Grapefruits can be found at your local supermarket all year round, though the official season goes from October until May. The reason is that these do well in cold storage.

Once you get grapefruits home, you can decide between keeping them outside or inside your fridge for longer storing. If you intend to eat the grapefruit soon, then you might as well keep it in a basket or a bowl outside at room temperature. Your grapefruits can last well for up to a week.

When sliced, cut the chunks or separate the segments and place the pieces in an airtight container and refrigerate. This way, you’ll be avoiding moisture and contaminants. Consume your grapefruit within three to four days.

How To Store Grapefruit So It Stays Fresh For Longer?

You can absolutely keep your grapefruits in good shape for several weeks! How? It is as easy as storing it properly inside your refrigerator. If kept whole in the crisper drawer of your fridge and inside an airtight container or sealed bag, you can have grapefruits for up to two months.

Can you Freeze Grapefruit?

Types of Grapefruits

You can absolutely freeze grapefruit to extend its shelf life. If frozen, your grapefruit can last between six months to a whole year.
Follow these simple steps:

  1. Wash and rinse properly
  2. Remove the skin and membrane, then cut both top and bottom
  3. Get rid of the pith and cut the segments
  4. Put the pieces in a bowl, drain and transfer to a freezer bag or sealed container, removing as much air as possible.
  5. Place in freezer

What To Do With Grapefruit Before It Goes Bad?

If you notice any signs of mold or your grapefruit shows a change in smell, color, or texture, you would want to double-check if it hasn’t gone off. Remember, a good grapefruit should have a firm exterior, so if the exterior becomes soft, it means it is going bad.

Making juice is the easiest way to use your grapefruits before they go bad. That said, don’t allow your grapefruits to go bad because you can utilize many recipes for this delicious fruit.

Our Favorite And Easiest Grapefruit Recipes


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Photo of author
My name is Anna Boiardi, and I am a housewife and self-taught home chef. I am passionate about exploring new ingredients and experimenting with recipes in my kitchen. I created an online platform, thenextingredient.com, to share my love of food and help others enhance their culinary skills.