Different Types Of Bacon Around The World

Are you aware there are Different Types Of Bacon Around The World? You probably love bacon as much as we do; check out all the different varieties.

Bacon is widely popular, used in numerous dishes, and is huge for keto dieters. This savory pork meat used to be used for breakfast only, but now you can enjoy it in many meals no matter the time of day.

Bacon comes from all over the world, from Duck bacon to Pancetta to German and Jalapeno bacon, and have you ever heard about Samgyeopsal? That is also a type of bacon, and there are also healthier varieties.

Today we’ll be covering all of them and so much more. We’ll cover all you need to know about bacon including how to make it, ways to cook it, recipes, and how to properly store it so you can get the best out of your delicious bacon.

Types Of Bacon

Check out below at least 15 different kinds of bacon.

Gypsy Bacon

types of bacon

This type of bacon is an old-fashioned type used by, yes, you guessed it, Gypsies! If you’ve ever been to Hungary, make sure to try it out, it has an intense taste and smell. The main difference is that it is cured but still presents a rind.
Gypsy bacon is perfect for cooking outdoors and is easily found in meat stores.

Duck Bacon

Types Of Bacon

If you are not a fan of pork meat, then Duck meat may be the best way to enjoy your bacon because it comes from ducks! Duh!
Duck bacon which is also cured, is generally a cut that comes from the breast of the duck; it’s popular with people trying to avoid fat since it isn’t as fatty as bacon from pork.

Canadian Bacon

Types Of Bacon

Also called back bacon, Canadian is a fan favorite due to its thickness and clean-cut appearance, is often mistaken with ham. This type of bacon is popular in the U.S., while in Canada is known as back bacon.

Coconut Bacon

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Coconut bacon is the answer from heaven for vegans; this meatless alternative is made with salt, spices, and coconut chips or flakes, soy sauce, and maple syrup; and believe it or not, with the right mixture, this bacon reaches a flavor just like the real deal!


Types Of Bacon

Pancetta hails from Italy and is widely appreciated by the rest of us. This bacon type which comes from belly pork, is cured with salt and pepper. Pancetta comes in two varieties, stesa and arrotolata. The latter is used in sandwiches, while stesa is utilized in past recipes.


 Types Of Bacon

If you’ve been to Korea and are a true bacon lover, then you probably tasted samgyeopsal -which means ‘three layers of flesh.’
This type of bacon is fatty and thick and is typically grilled though it is not seasoned has a great taste.

Chicken Fried Bacon

 Types Of Bacon

Chicken fried bacon was originated in the ’90s, it consists of deep-fried bacon pieces, and though it is not healthy at all, it remains a popular delicious appetizer.

Elk and Venison Bacon

 Types Of Bacon

Bacon that comes from deer and elk is described by many as the best type of bacon. Both bacon types have what it takes in terms of fat to give these little strips a whole lot of flavor. Both are a perfect bacon option for those who don’t like pork. These types of bacon are usually accompanied by honey. It is the bacon of choice for hunters.

Lap Yuk

Types of bacon

This bacon type hails all the way from China and, as you can imagine, is widely used in Asian foods. It comes from a portion of the pork belly and is preserved using different spices, brown sugar, and soy sauce.


 Types Of Bacon

This is a fatty bacon type from France; it is found in cubes or slices and is also known as pork fat. Lardon is a versatile type of bacon utilized in many dishes, including salads. A particularity of lardon is that it can’t be smoked, and the only salt is used to cure it.


Types Of Bacon

Salo means bacon and is a typical food in Russia -served with garlic bread. This type of bacon is cured with salt and can be consumed in its raw state or cooked. If you wish to cook it, it is best to fry it; it is also recommended to be cooked with garlic, salt, and pepper.

Turkey Bacon

Types Of Bacon

Another non-pork option is turkey bacon, labeled a healthier choice than normal bacon. The turkey must be seasoned and cut into slices or strips to make turkey bacon.

Turkey bacon is processed, so it may have less fat but contains other harmful ingredients. It can be baked, fried, and even cooked in the microwave.

Jowl Bacon

Types of Bacon

This type of bacon is mostly found in the Southern region of the U.S. Jowl bacon originates from the cheeks of the pork and is both cured and smoked.

It is essential in many soul recipes and is typically utilized in sandwiches. Jowl has another version called guanciale which is not cured or smoked.

German Bacon

Types Of Bacon

German bacon or Frühstücksspeck refers to pieces of pork that have been smoked and cured. Warmer and Griebien are also popular bacon options in different regions of the country.

Jalapeno Bacon

Types of bacon

With jalapeno bacon, you get the best of bacon and jalapenos! This combination is one of a kind and makes for a fantastic dish.

How Is Bacon Made

how to keep bacon warm

It dates back to the 15th century when Chinese people began to cure pork bellies with salt, similar to the current process. In the times of yore, Greeks and Romans also had their own type of bacon.
Experts from the culinary world believe the bacon craziness took place at the end of the 20th century, and with the fast food boom, bacon found its reign in America.

Bacon, a product that comes directly from pork meat, is made differently depending on the region of the world you are in. That said, the bacon-making process generally entails brine or hot or cold smoke, resulting in the smoky flavor bacon is known for.

What follows next is cutting the chunk of meat, making it as thick as you want. Once you have the bacon slices, all that is left is the cooking.

What Is The Thickness Of Bacon Slices?

Different Types Of Bacon Around The World

We have thick, regular, and restaurant segments regarding how wide bacon can be cut.

  • Thick piece: these are generally 1/8 inch thick. This is perfect for all pasta types and sandwiches. Don’t expect a lot of crispiness with thick slices.
  • Regular piece: these are generally 1/16 inch thick. This is the regular bacon you find at the market.
  • Restaurant pieces are generally 1/32 inch, the least thick of bacon slices. You can expect these to get really crispy. Hotels, restaurants, and other joints carry these since it is cheaper.

Curing Process Of Bacon

Different Types Of Bacon Around The World

In the culinary world, curing is known as the task of curing the meat with smoke and salt to preserve it.
The most common way of doing this is to utilize enhancers of flavor such as salt or sugar. Brown sugar is particularly utilized for the process of curing.

Cured Vs. Uncured

Types Of Bacon

Salt and sodium nitrite -an additive responsible for giving bacon its color, is used in cured bacon.
There are two methods to cured bacon, pump curing and dry curing. In both, the amount of nitrites is supervised. While pump curing should not exceed 120 parts per million, dry curing bacon should not exceed 200 ppm.

Uncured bacon utilizes a more organic technique of preservation. Some natural methods include implementing celery, parsley, beet extract, and sea salt.

Ways To Cook Bacon

There are a few different ways to enjoy your bacon; check out below a few ideas and pick the one you enjoy the most.

In The Oven

Types Of Bacon

The oven may be a good idea if, let’s say, you are a busy mom and want to avoid dirty and sticky pots and pans. You can avoid making a mess by cooking bacon on the oven sheet and cooking everything immediately.

All you need to do is heat the oven to 425 degrees, spread your bacon strips in your previously covered aluminum foil baking tray, and roast each side for six minutes. Your bacon will be cooked to perfection.

In The Microwave

Types Of Bacon

Cooking bacon in the microwave is easy peasy! And it is probably the most common way to do it. All you need to do is place your bacon on a plate and cook for 1 minute.

On The Grill

Types Of Bacon

When grilling bacon, please do it for five to seven minutes, placing each strip on top of the cool area of your grill. Grilled bacon is always the best way to cook bacon for your burgers.

In The Deep Fryer

If you want to obtain crisp and chewy bacon, deep-frying is the best way to do so. All you need to do is take your bacon strip and gently place them in boiling oil for five minutes. An interesting topic some readers asked us is how to keep bacon warm, check out our ideas about that!

In Its Own Fat

Types of bacon

It’s a given that bacon has a lot of fat, and grease is detached when cooked so, many opt by cooking their bacon in its own fat. You need to store the fat that bacon secrets in a container and use it next time you crave bacon. One item you might find helpful when frying bacon is a splatter screen, check all types of splatter screens you probably didn’t even know existed.

How To Keep Bacon Fresh?

To keep your bacon in optimum condition, you need to store it properly. You can store your bacon either raw or cooked.
Raw bacon:
Bacon strips come in airtight packages that must be kept in the fridge. If not yet opened, it can last a week past the due date.

Types of Bacon

After you’ve opened the package, to keep it fresh, bacon should be kept fixed in aluminum foil or a Ziploc bag and used within one week.

Cooked bacon:

Types of Bacon

Once your bacon is done, let it cool down and drain. Transfer it to a plastic bag or sealed container and refrigerate for up to five days.

How To Store Bacon So It Stays Fresh For Longer?

You can make your bacon last longer by freezing it.

Unopened packages of bacon can be stored in the freezer for a whole month.

Types of Bacon

The good storing idea is to split the package into equal serving sizes for freezing. Just make sure to wrap it tightly in foil or plastic. Write down the date. You’ll have bacon for several weeks.

types of bacon

Cooked bacon can also be frozen. Mix the bacon in a paper towel, then transfer each portion into freezer bags. Your cooked bacon will be good for about six weeks.

Can You Freeze Bacon?

Yes, bacon can be perfectly kept frozen.
By freezing bacon, you can be certain that you’ll extend its shelf life.
Experts say frozen bacon can endure in good shape for about six months if stored well. That said, consuming it after one month of freezing is advisable to enjoy its optimum texture and flavor.

What To Do With Bacon Before It Goes Bad?

If the bacon has changed in texture, smell, and color, these are all signs of spoilage.
Bacon that’s going off may change to a slimy texture; it can also seem sticky or moist. Also, its red color may become dull and present a sour smell. If you notice your bacon having these signs, get rid of it to avoid food poisoning or food contamination.

But right before bacon goes bad, you may still be able to use it in several recipes.


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My name is Anna Boiardi, and I am a housewife and self-taught home chef. I am passionate about exploring new ingredients and experimenting with recipes in my kitchen. I created an online platform, thenextingredient.com, to share my love of food and help others enhance their culinary skills.
Photo of author
My name is Anna Boiardi, and I am a housewife and self-taught home chef. I am passionate about exploring new ingredients and experimenting with recipes in my kitchen. I created an online platform, thenextingredient.com, to share my love of food and help others enhance their culinary skills.